Cascadia Cabs has many new and used cargo trikes and pedicabs for sale! Call 360 510 1818 for information on our new and used pedicabs for sale. We love helping others start their own eco-business!  Changing our communities with fun, safe, and environmental business utilizing and creating livable streets is our mission.
At Cascadia Cabs, our management has accumulated a total of 48 years of pedicab experience.  We have won the Cargo Messenger World Championship in 2003 and 2004.  Let us help you expand your business!  Our managers have experience with pedicabs in Seattle, Bellingham, Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Kent, Portland, Eugene, New York City, New Jersey, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, and Edmonton.

We sell Pacifica Pedicabs brand pedicabs.  The model shown is the Urban Chariot!

We have seen pedicab and bicycle business work in huge metropolises and also in small towns.  Please call 360.510.1818 for free advice and consultation on how to get your own bike based venture rolling!

Cascadia Cabs is one of North America's longest continually running fleets of pedicabs.  Pedicabs were first used in North America in 1962 at  the Seattle World's Fair.  We continue on with this historical legacy, by continuing to provide safe, enjoyable, and eco-transport.

Have fun, be safe, and make money! Roll safe and joyful in the streets!

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